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Our Oil Trading Group helps to fund our Crypto Currency research group, Coral initiative, our Agriculture initiative and our Brain Transplant research project.


Oil Trading Group

We implement a unique trading process to help us achieve a return in the market that provides a valid reward to risk. We trade the Brent & WTI oil markets.

Our Crypto Currency Group puts a focus study on the Genesis block for both the ethereum and bitcoin blockchains.

Our Coral initiative is put together to help construct a complex multi spectrum speaker system that will be put under Water to help relieve stress on Coral with complex sound.

Our Agriculture agenda is working towards the process of changing the way we grow a Seed, using SeaWater.

Human Brain Transplant project provides research into the future procedure of a Human Brain Transplant from one body to another.

We strive to be unique in our respective focus areas.


Future conferences will be put together to advance and promote our initiatives.